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Trump Won’t Make an Advertising Blitz According to New Strata Survey

October 27th, 2016 | Read more articles from 2016 or Visit the News Archive
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Originally Appearing at: Value Walk

By Jacob Wolinsky

Many political pundits have been watching the Trump campaign throughout the election season waiting for him to ramp up his advertising campaign. With Election Day less than two weeks away, a new study says that the much anticipated ad blitz won’t ever come.

STRATA, a Comcast-owned advertising software firm, surveyed political advertising agencies and found that 40% of respondents are not expecting Trump or his supporters to increase their ad spend in the final stretch of the election season. Another 43% of agencies expect just a modest increase, while 14% actually expect a decline in political ad spend.

The money that is being spent by all sides, Republican and Democrat, will be primarily focused in North Carolina, according to the survey as half of all agencies see the Tar Heel State as the state of primary focus of their clients.

Agency sentiment followed the dollars. Political ad spend numbers collected by Strata in conjunction with Advertising Age also saw a 37% increase in ad spend in September from August.

The survey also saw a decline in overall advertising budgets. More than half of survey respondents report a decline in political ad budgets, with 30% of respondents seeing a drop of over 20% in budgets, and an additional 30% reporting that budgets fell between 10% and 20%.

Congressional ad spend is more a mixed bag. Twenty percent of respondents report a 10-20% increase, and 20% report a decline by the same amount. Thirty percent report budgets remaining roughly flat.

Judd Rubin, vice president at Strata and former political strategist, told Value Walk “Many may have thought intuitively that presidential campaigns would blitz the media with ads near the end of the election cycle, but the focus on organic and earned media from the Trump campaign, particularly on social, may be causing reduced budgets for traditional ad spend.”

Rubin added, “With the news that Hillary will be advertising heavily in Arizona and rumors swirling about Texas after Hillary’s historic ad buy, political pundits may not find it unreasonable to expect a last minute increase in ad spend despite what political advertising agencies are reporting.”


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