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As a leading supplier to both buyers and sellers of media, STRATA is uniquely positioned to help trading partners be more effective and efficient.

Only STRATA brings both sides together through our industry-leading work in electronic connections.  And, media sellers also benefit from powerful links to 3rd party traffic systems, too. Click on a link to learn more about how STRATA’s leading the way with powerful links in each of the following industries.

  • The Approach

    Building many of the industry’s “open standards”, STRATA utilizes technology that makes it possible for disparate industries and their systems to communicate in a common language. Buyers and Sellers - Sales and Traffic - Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable - STRATA’s e-business solutions make efficiency the rule for all parties.

  • Services

    Electronic avenues such as STRATA’s Eleven and AEInbox help agencies and stations get far more business done while easing their workload.  They shorten lead times for agencies and allow their clients more time to make their ad buying decisions.  Plus, all invoices can be matched electronically, greatly cutting down the time between ad placements and receiving their invoices.


Walter Hammock, Account Executive - Showcase Cable Ad Sales
“AEInbox what a great product, makes our lives so much easier, wish everyone used it!  Never any questions on the orders. Very sweet.”

  • Comcast AdDelivery

    Comcast AdDelivery is the next generation of digital ad distribution with STRATA. AdDelivery was built to deliver television ads simply, in stunning HD and SD quality, at blazing fast speeds over a 40G fiber optic cable network without equal in North America.

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  • TVInvoices.com

    STRATA’s TVInvoices.com is the leading provider of electronic invoices to the buying community.  For a low monthly fee, clients send unlimited invoices.  Internet billing and digital sub-channels are also covered!

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  • Eleven

    What’s better than a perfect 10?  11! STRATA media buying agencies can send electronic schedules, literally hundreds of them in an instant.  Imagine being able to send orders to your vendors simultaneously.  No printing, no faxing, no errors.  See how 11 can work for you today!

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  • RadioInvoices.com

    More than 5,500 radio stations use STRATA’s RadioInvoices.com to send electronic invoices to their buying clients.  It’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to help your clients save money and for stations to get paid faster.

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  • AEInbox.com

    Thousands of Radio, TV and Cable AE’s get electronic orders every day from AEInbox.  It’s a fast, easy and FREE way to confirm or reject your agency orders that are delivered directly to your mailbox.

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  • STRATA One-Source

    STRATA One-Source (SOS) is the place to find programming information for dozens of networks.  Built for Sales and Traffic, SOS offers up-to-date episodic information and cable network traffic tones, too.

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  • ePort

    ePort is the electronic bridge between media buyers and TV stations and rep firms. ePort is the fastest way for media buyers to get their orders placed and for stations and rep firms to receive orders. ePort delivers orders with efficiency and offers a complete audit trail for revisions and makegoods.

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  • sCloud

    Access STRATA in the sCloud! Cloud-based solutions to help you manage your media buying and selling. The sCloud allows you to access all of STRATA’s programs from anywhere on a Mac or PC. It provides all software and ratings data installation quickly and easily. The sCloud eliminates media-related hardware and back room operating expenses, while performing all software maintenance, support and back-ups.

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  • sTraffic

    This powerful and simple tool provides your traffic managers the flexibility to manage traffic instructions with the most efficient workflow in the industry. STRATA sTraffic also provides a seamless, integrated connection with the leading ad delivery service - all within STRATA’s media buying software.

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I can’t believe how easy this is to use! This immediately makes the ordering process more efficient.

Jody Adams, Account Executive - KLLC-FM Radio (CBS Broadcasting)

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