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The 2022 Comcast Advertising Report

Learn how to optimize your premium video TV advertising & streaming advertising strategies with new insights from the Comcast Advertising Report.

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The 2022 Comcast Advertising Report

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Karen Babcock
Vice President, Planning & Monetization, Comcast Advertising

How to Take Premium Programmatic to The Next Level

FreeWheel brought together the demand- and supply-sides of the TV ecosystem for its inaugural Premium Programmatic Summit. FreeWheelers were in…


Q&A: Insight on Current Trends in CTV and Digital Video

With consumers increasingly shifting to streaming and connected TV (CTV) services, the adoption of digital video advertising is rising. We…

Tess O'Brien
VP, Demand Enterprise Sales

The 2022 Upfronts: Views Around the Ecosystem

In several ways, this year’s Upfronts represent a turning point for marketers and media companies. Building upon the trends highlighted…


FreeWheel Media Pillars: Measurement, Transparency, and Flexibility

At FreeWheel Media, we pride ourselves in having a deep understanding of advertisers’ needs and providing thoughtful, ever-evolving processes to…

Carl Kalapesi
Chief Operating Officer

How A Commitment to Trust Earned Us Straight A’s

On Monday, Pixalate, a global ad fraud intelligence and marketing compliance platform, announced the results of its first-ever Connected TV/OTT…

Anthony Viscuse
Head Of Linear Media Strategy & Development
Diane Broglie
Head of Digital Supply Partnerships and Strategy

STB VOD: No Longer Advertising’s Underdog

Today’s TV viewer is constantly embracing new alternatives for content delivery, as the definition of TV continues to expand. Connected…

David Clark
General Manager

Fully Operational and Here for Our Clients

First and foremost, I want to personally thank our clients for partnering with us during this unprecedented period.  We are…

Brian Wallach
Senior VP, Advanced TV Media Sales, FreeWheel

The TV Buyer’s Guide to 2020: Addressable, Connected and Premium

2019 was a game-changer for TV advertisers in the U.S. As consumer habits continued to shift in ways previously unimaginable,…

Paul Martecchini
VP Brand Marketing, Comcast Advertising

Connecting the Dots: Learnings from CES 2020

As we begin the year, working to make progress on the goals we’ve set, it’s exciting to spend a few…

James Rothwell
VP, Marketing, Comcast Advertising

Why a Universal Ad ID can Transform the Industry

Click here for the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video’s guide to a Universal AD ID The advertising industry is fascinating…


Three Takeaways from Cannes Lions 2019: Collaboration, Inclusion and Empowerment

This year more than ever there were countless constructive discussions, in-depth debates and common initiatives taking place during Cannes Lions….

David Dworin
VP, Advisory Services

Premium Video: The Full Funnel Solution

As technology allows viewers to access the premium video content they want whenever and wherever they want to watch it,…

Jason Manningham
GM, Blockgraph

Building the Future of Data-Driven TV: The Quest to Create a Safe Identity Layer for the Industry

We all know the demand for high quality, safe data in today’s advertising environment is escalating. Advertisers looking to build…

Sarah Foss
SVP, Strategic Initiatives

Must CTV: Complete Your Advertising Strategy with Connected TV

Connected TV (CTV) is quickly becoming a favored way for people to watch television and video content. Or, just find…