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The Power of CTV:
Audiences & Engagement

FreeWheel’s Signature Insights, explores a new platform for exploring the most widely-debated, needle-moving issues driving the premium video economy.

Download The Power of CTV report for a closer look at the growing prominence of Connected TV (CTV) devices and what makes them so promising yet challenging for the industry to monetize. We investigate the unique benefits of CTV and what to believe or question about the rhetoric surrounding this transformational platform.

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The Power of CTV:
Audiences & Engagement

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Sarah Foss
SVP, Strategic Initiatives

Before Anyone Else—Celebrating Women’s History Month with My TechBae

It started over a glass of wine.  (Or two.)  Five of us gathered to catch-up and commiserate about the craziness of the industry, jobs,…

Emmanuel Josserand
Brand, Agency and Industry Relations

The Delicate Art of Balancing Ad Load

Broadcasters and Publishers have been very diligent at orchestrating and carefully crafting appropriate ad load balance to ensure maximum consumer…

Jesus Mascias
Sr. Product Manager

Putting it back together: Solving for Measurement Fragmentation with the Open Measurement Approach

The advent of digital TV brought the promise of better proof of advertising effectiveness, which resulted in the emergence of…

Brian Wallach
Senior VP, Advanced TV Media Sales, FreeWheel

The TV Buyer’s Guide to 2020: Addressable, Connected and Premium

2019 was a game-changer for TV advertisers in the U.S. As consumer habits continued to shift in ways previously unimaginable,…

Paul Martecchini
VP Brand Marketing, Comcast Advertising

Connecting the Dots: Learnings from CES 2020

As we begin the year, working to make progress on the goals we’ve set, it’s exciting to spend a few…

James Rothwell
VP, Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations

What is Incremental Reach? A New Infographic from the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video

DOWNLOAD THE INFOGRAPHIC HERE Depending on where you sit in the value chain and the levers you can pull, the…