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Did you miss the FreeWheel Connects virtual event? Now, Next & Beyond 2021

The Year of Accelerated Change

As we move into the final quarter of 2020 and look ahead to 2021, there are significant learnings we can glean from the first half of the year. The newest installment of FreeWheel’s U.S. Video Marketplace Report is here and focuses on how the turbulence of this year affected consumer behavior and accelerated trends across the industry.

Download the U.S. H1 2020 Video Marketplace Report for a complete look at the data and analyses that reveal the complexities of television’s ongoing evolution, including a look at how the pandemic disrupted media and marketing, TV included, but also how advertisers continue to take advantage of premium TV’s targeting capabilities and immersive experience.

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The Year of Accelerated Change

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Geoff Wolinetz
Vice President of Client Relationships

Empowering our Power Users: The FreeWheel Publishers User Summit

On July 17th, FreeWheel hosted our first annual Publishers User Summit, geared specifically towards bringing together the power users of…

Maria Weaver
Chief Marketing Officer, Comcast Advertising

Three Takeaways from Cannes Lions 2019: Collaboration, Inclusion and Empowerment

This year more than ever there were countless constructive discussions, in-depth debates and common initiatives taking place during Cannes Lions….

David Dworin
VP, Advisory Services

Premium Video: The Full Funnel Solution

As technology allows viewers to access the premium video content they want whenever and wherever they want to watch it,…

Justin Beere
VP – DSP Partnerships

Simple is the New Black: How Programmatic Is Poised To Begin Doing More With Less

Supply path optimization (aka “SPO”) is a three-letter acronym (aka “TLA”) that’s been with us for a couple of years…

Jason Manningham
GM, Blockgraph

Building the Future of Data-Driven TV: The Quest to Create a Safe Identity Layer for the Industry

We all know the demand for high quality, safe data in today’s advertising environment is escalating. Advertisers looking to build…

Sarah Foss
SVP, Strategic Initiatives

Must CTV: Complete Your Advertising Strategy with Connected TV

Connected TV (CTV) is quickly becoming a favored way for people to watch television and video content. Or, just find…

Joy Baer
General Manager, FreeWheel Advertisers

1,591,000 Reasons Why Greater Automation Is Good for TV Buyers

According to a recent survey by Advertiser Perceptions (Jan, 2019), TV buyers say they spend 8.5 hours each week on…

James Rothwell
VP, Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations

Bending the Curve: TV + Digital Video

Modern TV audiences watch where and when they want to—as a result, advertisers have to work harder and be more…

Mike McHugh
SVP, Media eBusiness, FreeWheel Advertisers

Dispatch from the NAB: 2019 is a Very Good Year for Advertisers

What a week at the NAB convention in Las Vegas! The annual showcase for the broadcast industry never disappoints. Yes, there’s…

David Dworin
VP, Advisory Services

The Lines Between Linear and Digital TV Disappear: Takeaways from the FreeWheel Video Marketplace Report

Moving into 2019, the VMR has evolved from the Video Monetization Report to the Video Marketplace Report and now looks…

Massimo de Magistris
VP, Head of Freewheel Markets International.

FreeWheel launches DRIVE in the UK to provide cohesive advertising solution for the new TV ecosystem

In 2019, FreeWheel is expanding its DRIVE offering internationally. This media solution aims to bring innovative solutions to marketers to…

Bob Bress
VP, Analytics & Business Intelligence, FreeWheel

Engineers Week: Using Big Data to Solve Big Challenges

Happy National Engineers Week! We’re celebrating by showcasing FreeWheel’s engineering team through the lens of three topics: The Future of TV,…